To Abide by whilst at Stockton

– 1 –

Vagabond behavior deeply frowned upon during early hours.

– 2 –

Anyone paid a stipend for public performances please kindly leave your ego outside the establishment.

– 3 –

 Don’t dicker with your beverage chit unless you wish to incur the wrath of your barman and seek accommodation on the crown.

– 4 –

Floozy’s and insignificant others are your responsibility and on your name and honour must act in accordance with reasonable social etiquette.

– 5 –

This establishment is a celebration of the mighty tipple, any requests for Jagerbombs or such lark will be met with disdain and possible requests for immediate departure.

– 6 –

Our music is prepared for your oratory pleasure, if it is failing in that regard, please inform the management who will pretend to care.

– 7 –

Rakish behavior with other persons consorts must take place in dark corners. We accept no responsibility for their actions or subsequent offspring.

– 8 –

Our glass is always half full, if you feel otherwise please order another libation.

– 9 –

We abhor fireworks particularly when attached to fine sparkling grapes.

PH: +852 2898 3788